New “Move Over” law for boaters
By Smith Mountain Lake Marine Volunteers
July 4, 2023

Ok … Let’s talk about the new “move over” law for boaters.

On Monday July 3rd I was operating Fireboat 11-5. I was transporting a patient with a head injury out of Hatcher Creek to Mitchell’s Point Marina where the EMS unit was waiting to transport that patient to the hospital for treatment. I had to signal several vessels to slow down, but one vessel in particular refused to yield. It was a red/white wake surfer engaged in surfing in Hatcher Creek. I was forced to traverse your 4’ wake twice with a head injury patient on a backboard laying across the transom of the Fireboat. Your wakes could have caused further injury to my patient.

You have always been responsible for your wake, but now it’s the law. Anytime you see a vessel with flashing lights you are required to slow to a no wake speed and remain at no wake speed until well past the emergency vessel.